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April 25, 2020
Digital IllustrationWildlife Series
November 7, 2018

Digital Illustration created for Bell's Brewery Flagship Beer

„... and then, I have nature, art, poetry, and an ice cold Bell's Amber Ale, if that is not enough, what is enough?”

― Mostly... Vincent Willem van Gogh

I was commissioned in 2016 by Bell's Brewery to create a brand refresh for it's flagship brand Bell's Amber Ale .They wanted a refreshed look that also payed homage to the original label. See this work on shelves today.

First brewed as Great Lakes Amber in 1985, Bell's flagship beer featured a series of shorebirds: a seagull, wood duck and a heron. As the brewery grew, the wood duck and seagull labels were phased out and the heron become the sole label for Amber Ale in 1990.

Digital Illustrations created for Bell's Amber Ale packaging, beer caps, and labels.

Digital Illustrations created for Bell's Amber Ale case and advertising Bell's brewery.

Original Label from first Bell's Amber Ale.

New label for Bell's Amber Ale today.