Nice to meet you.

Working as a Chicago-based Creative Director, Designer and Illustrator, I've pitched and won campaigns for big brands and prestigious clients for over ten years. Let's talk.

Anthem, McKesson, AMA, Davita, Humira, Enbrel, VMware, J.P. Morgan Chase, Byline Bank, Capital One, Disney, Budget, Aon Hewitt, Sotheby's, JLL, Hudson bay, Costco, Under Armour

Art Institute of Chicago
American Academy of Art

Not just another day at the office? Iv'e got you covered.

Leading teams remotely before it was "a thing"


These are just a few of the many brands I have worked with

As an experienced brand designer I understand that concept is the bedrock of all successful brand campaigns, from full service brand creation and rebranding projects to brand evolution, approvals and reviews.

  • Brand aesthetic
    and meaning
  • Design and ideation
  • Visual brand ID
  • Brand strategy
    and planning
  • Brand voice
  • Research
  • Brand positioning
    and purpose
  • Analytics
  • Brand review